Regulated Industries / Cannabis

Regulated Industries / Cannabis

AB Law provides outside general counsel services to cannabis businesses up and down the industry supply chain, and at all stages of their growth.  From ‘touching-the-plant’ start-up entrepreneurs to publicly-traded companies, we focus on delivering practical advice that applies our real-world knowledge of the industry to the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Among our most common advisory services are:


  • Regulatory Compliance (including Equity qualification, priority licensing)


  • Real Estate Purchases and Leases (both cannabis landlord and tenant)


  • Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Financing


  • Licensing


  • Employment


  • Corporate Structuring/Joint Ventures



The cannabis business is the real estate business.  With local land use regulations dictating where and how cannabis businesses can operate, i.e. the ability to cultivate, manufacture, distribute, deliver or sell cannabis is directly related to where your business is located.  



Given the highly regulated nature of the cannabis industry, compliance is essential to mitigate risk and position your business as the industry transitions from the “grey” private markets to the public markets of seed-to-sale accountability.  We provide legal advice to corporate clients on how to license your business entities at the local and state level and establish required practices. This includes developing standard operating procedures (e.g. Inventory SOPs, Waste Management SOPs, etc.), and training staff to comply with the nuances of cannabis transactions.



As the industry consolidates and larger, more traditional sources of funds (e.g. private equity, structured finance) become more comfortable with the risks involved in cannabis, both in touching-the-plant and ancillary companies, mergers and acquisitions become an organic part of the growth of the industry.  We assist clients in all aspects of M&A, from advising on preparing to sell your business and performing due diligence on potential acquisition targets to drafting merger and related agreements that protect our client’s interests in this nuanced industry.